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We are Essential Bogan

Bogan, what is it?

Used as Australian Slang to describe an unrefined or unsophisticated Australian. Let’s face it, we’re all Bogans at heart wether we show it off or not! We have the in your face Bogans, we have the classy subtle Bogans. If you’re Australian, you my friend are a Bogan!

Where it all started?

Righto, a few Didgeridoo years ago (back in 2020), my Sheila and I decided to write a book titled Activity Book for the Inner Bogan.

The “spritual” book began life as a wonderous unicorn of an activity book for our non-native Aussies to adapt to our wonderful way of speaking.

The book quickly began creating this unimaginable success for not just our fellow local Aussies’ but it quickly grew to be just a popular internationally including the likes of Germans, French and even the Japanese! Who knew, you would be smashing on raw fish and goin’ “How you goin’ mate!”

Naturally over a middy or a pint down at our bloody local, we both shared a fair dinkum idea, we thought why not put this bloody Bogan Man on a Tshirt and see if it sells. Naturally to our surprise it did sell! Now we have expanded this Bogan mascot to other products.

Get A Dog Up Ya!

Looking for downright offensive, funny, sarcastic apparel? Just looking for that awesome Aussie gift for your Sheila or Bob?

Take a gander at some of our stuff!

Funny As Hell Pun-tastic Shirts

Every Aussie loves some great banter. What better way than to show it off proudly. Browse our range of tshirts!

Can’t Let Your Cold Ones Stay Naked!

Take a gander at our range of funny stubby coolers. We have got everything from funny to outright obnoxious for that perfect bogan in your life or even just for yourself!

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